Monster Profender Coilover Shock 2.0

Monster Coilover Shocks 2.0

The Profender Coilover Shock 2.0 is ideal for any vehicle from a recreational Buggy to a Ultra4 race vehicle.

The coilovers come in a variety of sizes from 11-16 inch travel.

Profender Coilovers are designed closely around the leading shock brands in the offroad racing, although the quality is not as high as Kings Shocks these are a very good alternative if sticking to a build budget.

Profender shocks are fully rebuildable, serviceable and retuneable. This means you only have to by them once and you can alter them if you change the weights of the vehicle of or you put them in a nother buggy.

All spare parts are available and Profender 4×4 can rebuild, service or revalve these shocks. Or if you have the time Profender 4×4 can supply you with shims and spares if needed to do any tuning that may be required.

When choosing coils always use a 2″ longer bottom coil and the same size top coil as the travel of the shocks .

For a 11″ coilover choose a 14″ lower and 12″ upper coil.
For a 12″ coilover choose a 14″ lower and 12″ upper coil.
For a 13″ coilover choose a 16″ lower and 14″ upper coil.
For a 14″ coilover choose a 16″ lower and 14″ upper coil.
For a 15″ coilover choose a 18″ lower and 16″ upper coil.
For a 16″ coilover choose a 18″ lower and 16″ upper coil.

All coilovers MUST be purchased with coils. Profender 4×4 will not sell the coilovers without the coils.

  • 16 mm hole diameter on both ends which makes it strong and suited for heavy duty application.
  • K of spring is calculated to match the customer’s vehicle.
  • Best piston provides ultimate performance. It comes with excellent precision and super polish shaft. They are chromed and inducted to add more strength for heavy duty use
    and on all road conditions.
  • Use of quality material that provides excellent performance.
  • 100%QC tested.
  • Aluminum components are machined to reach excellent tolerance.


Monster Profender Coilover Shock 2.0 Spec Table
O/L C/LTravelBoreRodShellUpper/Lower Mount
32″21″11″46mm20mm52mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
34″22″12″46mm20mm52mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
36″22.5″13.5″46mm20mm52mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
38″23.5″14″46mm20mm52mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
40″24.5″15.5″46mm20mm52mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
42″25.5″16.5″46mm20mm52mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
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Monster Coilover Shock 2.0 Upper Eye
Monster Coilover Shock 2.0 Upper Eye
Monster Coilover Shock 2.0 Lower Eye
Monster Coilover Shock 2.0 Lower Eye
Monster Coilover Shock 2.0 Remote Reservoir
Monster Coilover Shock 2.0 Remote Reservoir
Monster Coilover Shock 2.0 Blue Coil Springs
Monster Coilover Shock 2.0 Blue Coil Springs
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15 thoughts on “Monster Coilover Shocks 2.0”

  1. hi,
    would the MONSTER COILOVER SHOCKS 2.0 11″ work on a 2013 Toyota Hilux with a coil conversion done in the front.

    1. Good Morning Adam.

      Thank you for your enquiry into our Profender Coilovers.
      Currently, we have no stock of the 2.0 Coilovers in 12” Travel. We do have stock of the following 2.0 Coilovers –

      COA-MO-32-K – 11” Adjustable – $450ea – These are the latest available design.

      CO-MO-36-K – 13” Non-Adjustable – $390ea – Please Be Advised: These are an older design that are being phased out and replaced by the Adjustable 2.0 Coilovers. Once we are sold out of the non-adjustable we will be stocking the 13” Travel In adjustable only.

      The next batch of 12” 2.0 Coilovers will be available in Adjustable only ($450ea) as covered in the comment above.

      Our next shipment is not due for a few months. If you are interested in the 12” Adjustable Coilovers I will find out a more exact ETA and let you know?
      Thank you again for your enquiry. I look forward to hearing from you.

      1. Good Afternoon Adam

        Thank you for your email regarding our 2.0 Profender Coilovers.

        The Bolt size in the eyes of the 2.0 Coilovers is 16mm.

        The width of the misalignment spacers is 45mm.

        These dimensions also apply to the Profender Triple Bypass Shock Absorbers.

        Attached below is an image showing where these measurements are taken.

        Coilover Eye

    1. Dear Hatem,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      No sorry, those coil overs are not suitable for your LC, they are designed for off road buggy.

      We do however have a number of other options available, if you could please let me know if your model is LC70, LC200 or Prado I will be able to send you some options.

      I look forward to your response.


  2. hi
    could you send me a offer in a email. on 8 pieces of the 16″ ones and ship them to Iceland and tell me the total cost, best regards.

    1. Thanks for contacting us.

      I have passed on your request to our International sales department who will be able to help you out and provide you with the right advice.

      They will be in touch very soon.

      1. Hello,

        Thank you for your enquiry.

        Could you please confirm if you require these to be supplied with the coil springs or just bare units?

        Regards Dan

  3. Am interested in 4 units of 34″ 22″ 12″ 46mm 20mm 52mm Plain Bearing Dia 16mm Coilover Shock 2.0 Blue Coil Springs. pls advise price and freight to Malaysia. Thanks.

    1. Hi Chapboon,

      Could you please provide me with your delivery address so I can calculate the freight charge for you.



    2. Hello Chapboon,

      The freight charge would be $290 for air freight and the coil overs are $300 each.

      Please let me know if you require any further information or wish to proceed with ordering.



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