Monotube Remote Reservoir Shock

Monotube Remote Reservoir Shock

The Monotube Remote Reservoir Shock is a perfect solution for Hi-Performance offroad Vehicles.

Vehicles using these shocks can perform very well even in difficult terrains and for heavy duty use.

Subtank contains Nitrogen High Pressure.

Adjustments can be made by filling up or releasing Nitrogen to the tank.

  • Min Pressure 80 PSI
  • Max Pressure 200 PSI
  • Pressure Set From Factory 150 PSI
  • 46mm Piston with Teflon
  • 20mm super polished shaft
  • 53mm outer body
  • Floating piston inside reservoir
  • Cr+3 Surface finsh
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9 thoughts on “Monotube Remote Reservoir Shock”

  1. hey i have have a 98 hilux with 2 inch lift after a set of remote res shocks , do you have anything that will fit cheers.

    1. Hi Shaun sorry for late reply I missed your email on Tuesday.
      Can I get some more info from you in regards to your Hilux as 1998 was a changeover period from solid axel to IFS.
      We do have rear remote res shocks for the IFS Hilux in 5-6” lift or used for custom inverted shock mounts but no listing for the front or the solid axel Hilux at all.×4-suspension/shock-absorbers/profender-4×4-twintube-remote-reservoir-shocks-rear-ifs-56-inch-lift-17656?filter=234,355

    1. Hi Pete,

      Unfortunately due to the clearance issues in the front of a 100LC we do not have a remote res shock to suit.

      We can do the rear as it is the same as the 80 or 105

      I hope this helps

      Regards Ben

  2. I have a Toyota 100 Series IFS (12/2002), diesel, 5 speed automatic.

    The vehicle is fitted with the following:
    Torsion is raised to 760 cm
    Snake racing upper control arms which provides extra down travel and significant improved articulation
    Front drop diff kit.
    Dual batteries front and rear
    Winch ( front only)
    Full length under body armour
    Rear bar with dual wheel carriers.
    Rear suspension is raised 50 mm with 500kg coils for towing heaving load ( about 250 kgs on tow point)

    The vehicle is fitted with Mad Dog Ralph shocks ( they were just adequate)

    They are now gone and need to replacing.

    What can you recommend to cover this vehicle, given the weight, the extended length of suspension travel and the continuous corrugations that I drive etc

    I was runing

    1. Hi Kerry,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      Yes the Profender mono tube remote res shocks would be suitable for your application.



  3. Hello
    I bought two years ago Suspension { MONOTUBE REMOTE RESERVOIR SHOCK }
    Rubber bands snapped up and down
    I’d love to get a quote for purchase in addition would love to have the measurements of elastic bands

    Thank Nave

  4. Just wondering if your mono tube remote reservoir shock would fit a 2012 mn triton after longer shocks for the rear thanks

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