Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5

Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5

The Profender 2.5 Coilover is ideal for any vehicle from a recreational Buggy to a Ultra4 race vehicle.

The coilovers come in a variety of sizes from 10-16 inch travel.

Profender Coilovers are designed closely around the leading shock brands in the offroad racing, although the quality is not as high as King Shocks these are a very good alternative if sticking to a build budget.

Profender shocks are fully rebuildable, servicable and retuneable. This means you only have to by them once and you can alter them if you change the weights of the vehicle of or you put them in a nother buggy.

All spare parts are available and Profender 4×4 can rebuild, service or revalve these shocks. Or if you have the time Profender 4×4 can supply you with shims and spares if needed to do any tuning that may be required.

The 2.5″ body design allows for damping control over a longer time over the smaller 2.0 design.

When choosing coils you generally use a 2″ longer bottom coil and the same size top coil as the travel of the shocks.

For a 10″ coilover choose a 12″ lower and 12″ upper coil.
For a 12″ coilover choose a 14″ lower and 12″ upper coil.
For a 13″ coilover choose a 16″ lower and 14″ upper coil.
For a 14″ coilover choose a 16″ lower and 14″ upper coil.
For a 16″ coilover choose a 18″ lower and 16″ upper coil.

All coilovers MUST be purchased with coils. Profender 4×4 will not sell the coilovers without the coils.

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Profender Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5 Spec Table
DescriptionO/L C/LTravelBoreRodShellUpper/Lower Mount
Coil Over Shock 2.532″21″11″60mm22mm66mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
Coil Over Shock 2.534″22″12″60mm22mm66mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
Coil Over Shock 2.536″23″13″60mm22mm66mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
Coil Over Shock 2.538″24″14″60mm22mm66mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
Coil Over Shock 2.540″25″15″60mm22mm66mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
Coil Over Shock 2.542″26″16″60mm22mm66mmPlain Bearing Dia 16mm
Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5 Upper Eye
Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5 Upper Eye
Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5 Lower Eye
Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5 Lower Eye
Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5 Coil Spring
Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5 Coil Spring

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11 thoughts on “Coilover Shock Absorber 2.5”

  1. I’ve got an 82 Jeep Scrambler Rock Crawler that I 4 linked last year and now I’m 3 linking the front. With half my rig on the scale my front weighs in at 2600#, my current long travel shocks are 14″ travel and I want to run these 14″ coil overs. What kind of spring rate would I be wanting? I want a medium tuck (up) with a little stiffer/medium (down) return. And what would this cost? Thank your so much for your time.

    1. Hi Dan. Sorry for the late reply. Our servers have been down. I have passed your inquiry on our sales area. I will have a reply to you very shortly.

    2. Good Morning

      Thank you for your enquiry into suitable Coilover Spring Rates for your 82 Jeep Scrambler.

      With the right information, I can calculate suitable primary and secondary coil rates for your vehicle.

      I need the following from you before working these coil rates out.

      – Current Spring Rate (In Lbs)
      – Amount of Shock Shaft Compressed at ride height (In Inches)
      – Current Angle of Shock Mounting
      – How much up-travel your current shock absorbers have before bump stop is reached

      With this information I can advise suitable rates for the Coilovers.

      I have everything else I need information wise, so as soon as I hear from you I will sort out what is needed and advise you accordingly.

      Thank you again for your enquiry.

    1. Good afternoon

      Unfortunately we do not have any data to say which Coil-overs would suit a 2004 Silverado.

      Due to Coil-over shocks being designed for and better suited to Race Cars, very few road cars can actually run them without a serious amount of modification. Often this modification is not legal for road use, depending on the country you live in.

      The only way we could suggest a Coil-over that would be appropriate for your car, would be if you modified your vehicle to suit such a shock, then came to use with Open and Closed Lengths, along with a lot of other information regarding the suspension geometry of the vehicle.

      If you have any further questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to email me back.

  2. hi
    I am planning to build a land rover comp truck and need coilovers for a travel length of 16″ along with the required correct springs to suit my need. Can you please advise me on how much iam looking to spend for each shock with its springs ?

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Please be advised we only have the adjustable version in the 2.5 x 16 inch coil overs, you would be looking at $745 per corner.

      The below link will provide you with some more information and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.×4-suspension/shock-absorbers/profender-2-5-inch-coilover-shock-absorber-8-stage-adjustable-16-inch-travel-27973?filter=351,355

      Regards Dan

    1. Hi Mitch

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      I will have Ben one of our sales staff to contact you to help you out with your query.

    2. Hi Mitch,

      The 2.5” ProFender coilovers are $430.00ea and the springs are $135.00ea (need 2 per shock)

      What price difference were you after ?

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