Travel Bumpstop 2.0

Bumpstop 2.0

Profender Bumpstop Series allow shocks to reach the maximum performance as needed.

3.0 inches and 4.0 inches stroke suit handle all suspensions.

The Piston provides ultimate performance that comes with high precision and super polished shafts.

They are chromed and inducted to add more strength for heavy duty use and all other road conditions.

Mounting cans are included with the bump stop.

  • 52mm outer bode body, 32mm piston rod suited for any use even in competitions
  • Made of high quality material that provides superior performance
  • 100% QC Tested
  • Aluminum components are machined for excellent tolerance
  • Contact pad is made from highly precise specification Polyurethane
  • Luxurious design


Profender Bumpstop 2.0 Series Specifications Table
DetailO/L C/LStrokeBoreRodOutershellPressurize
Bumpstop Stroke 3″ 13.42″ 10.35″ 3″ 46 mm. 32 mm. 52 mm.Min 100 psi – Max 400 psi
Bumpstop Stroke 4″ 15″ 11″ 4″ 46 mm. 32 mm.52 mm.Min 100 psi – Max 400 psi
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2 thoughts on “Bumpstop 2.0”

  1. Hi I have a 3″ lifted TOYOTA FJ CRUSIER.

    Looking at bumpstops , I am using King Shocks 3″ coilovers + remote reservoirs.

    Can I fit the bumpstops into my existing system?


    1. Good Morning Kalvin

      Unfortunately 2.0 bump stops will not bolt directly into any model of road going Four Wheel Drive without chassis/suspension modification or custom mounting hardware.
      To fit these you would need custom made weld in mounts that would replace the bolt in rubber style used by Toyota from the Factory.

      We currently have not developed a mounting system to suit your vehicle so if you were to buy these bump stops you would need to look at making your own mounts.

      If you have any other questions feel free to email me back.
      Thanks for your enquiry.



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