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The Profender Premium Shock Absorber Range from Superior Engineering are a performance style shock designed to make 4WD suspension perform to its full potential.

Superior Engineering are the Australian distributor for the Profender 4×4 Suspension product range.

Because of Superior Engineering’s involvement in the off-road racing scene we can recommend the correct Profender shock to suit your application.

The Profender Shock range covers most requirements for offroad racing… from coil overs to bumpstops. We can even recommend shocks to suit your daily driven vehicle.

About Profender

Profender was established in 1976 in Thailand. The company was specialising on OEM Products. They now specialise in shocks for pick-ups and commercial vehicles. Some years ago, the company developed a production line for 4×4 products. Profender has a special R&D department which specialises in developing 4×4 products.

This team of skilled professionals develops and creates shocks and suspensions for 4×4 vehicles needs.

With Thailand ranking as the second country in the world with the most picks ups and SUV’s, it is easier for them to develop and test their products. For more than three decades, they have developed a full range of off-road shocks. But they are not stopping there. They are still researching and developing different products to suit its customers needs.

Superior Engineering is Proud to be distributing the Profender Brand throughout Australia and being the best known Hardcore 4×4 product manufacture in Australia as well as major involvement in the offroad racing scene we know what Profender shocks will suit your application.

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hey I bought a pair of you adjustable bumpstops from you guys and 2 of the locking rings have come loose and I’ve lost them just wondering if I could buy 2 new rings
    Thank you

    1. Good morning

      Thank you for your enquiry.
      We can supply you with these parts. We don’t currently have them in stock so we would need to order them in from Profender.

      If you like we can go ahead and do this for you. Once the order is placed I can determine an ETA for you.

      Thank you.



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