4x4 Steering Damper

4×4 Steering Damper

Profender offers its customers a new innovation in cellular foam 4×4 steering dampers.

It comes in a large 35mm bore that is known to perform excellently even in heavy duty use.

The cellular foam prevents the build-up of cavity inside the shock giving it excellent performance, and the driver a more comfortable ride!

  • Super Big Bore 35mm Cellular foam for heavy duty use
  • Available for all models of off-road vehicles
  • 35mm Bore, 16mm Shaft, 54mm outer Body
  • The cavity inside the shock is prevented by cellular foam
  • Provides left-right balance for your vehicle
  • Improved comfortable ride
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4×4 Steering Damper Spec Table
Isuzu Rodero / Trouper 4WDEye With Bush and Sleeve / Ball Joint19″
Modify Long 24″Stud / Stud24″
Landrover 110 Country Wagon Petrol / Diesel 11 / 84-2 / 91Pin 60×9.5 / Eye With Bush & Sleeve26″
Landrover 110 Defender 94-98
Landrover 130 Defender 11 / 94-1 / 99
Landrover 110 TD5 2 / 99-01
Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ-6 CYL. 92-98Bull Joint / Eye With Bush & Sleeve19″
Jeep Cherokee XJ-Petrol & Diesel 84 on
Jeep Wrangler TJ 97-2006
Jeep Wrangler YJ 86-96
Nissan Patrol GQ Y60 Wagon & Cab Chasis 8/89 onPin 60×9.5 / Pin 60×9.519″
Suzuki Caribian Modify
Toyota Landcruiser 100 & 105 Series (Live Axle Front) 3/98 onBall Joint / Ball Joint26″
Toyota landcruiser 80 Series 4 /90-98
Toyota Landcruiser FZJ-HZJ78 Troopy 10/99 on
Toyota Landcruiser FZJ-HZJ79 Cab Chassis 10/99 on
Toyota Landcruiser FZJ-HZJ75 1/90-9/99
Toyota Landcruiser RJ, LJ 70/73 Bundera Wagon Petrol 11/84-12/89
Toyota Landcruiser FJ62-HJ61 10/85-90
Toyota Landcruiser FJ75-HJ75 11/84-12/89
Toyota Hilux RN50 Petrol 8/83-8/88Pin 60×9.5 / Ball Joing21″
Toyota Hilux LN65, LN67, LN106, LN111 8/83-12-97
Toyota Hilux RN36-46 1/79-7/83
Toyota Hilux LN46 Diesel 1/79-7/83
Landrover Discovery JG Wagon 4/91-3/99Pin 60×9.5 / Pin 60×9.521″
Range Rover Wagon 9/72-9/92
Landrover Series I, II, III (80″ & 109″) to 1984
Landrover Series II & III (88″ SWB)
Nissan Patrol GU Y61 Series I 97-1/00
Suzuki Caribian Modify
Nissan Patrol GU Y61 Series II 2/00 onBall Joint / Ball Joint22″
Holden Drover 3/85-87Eye With Bush & Sleeve / Eye With Bush & Sleeve18″
Suzuki LJ80 Ute 78-12/81
Suzuki Caribian 4WD
Nissan Patrol Chassis GQ Y60(LEAF SPRING) 88-7/97Eye With Bush / Eye With Bush21″
Landrover Discovery TG Wagon (Series II) 3/99 onEye With Bush & Sleeve / Eye With Bush & Sleeve26″
Toyota Landcruiser FZJ-HZJ78 Troopy V8 2007 onBall Joint / Ball Joint29″
Toyota Landcruiser FZJ-HZJ79 V8 Cab Chasis 2007 on
Toyota landcruiser FZJ-HZJ76 Wagon V8 2007 on
Toyota Hilux IFS LN111, RN110 8/88-12/97Eye With Bush and Sleeve / Ball Joint24″
Toyota Hilux RN105 Patrol 8/88-12/97
Toyota Vigo 2WD/4WDEye With Bush & Sleeve / Eye With Bush & Sleeve21″
Nissan GQ Y60 to 8/89Eye With Bush & Sleeve / Eye With Bush23″
Nissan Big-M 4WDEye With Bush / Eye With Bush & Sleeve19″
Nissan Patrol Chassis GQ Y60(LEAF SPRING) 88-7/97Pin 70×12 / Eye With Bush & Sleeve23″
Nissan Patrol MQ/MK G160 9/80-88
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4 thoughts on “4×4 Steering Damper”

  1. Hello , i am looking for a pin to pin steering damper for hilux vigo ,model KUN15R
    MAN. YR:2008
    kindly send me the quotation

  2. Hello.. can provide me a suitable lift kits for my 4×4 double cab Toyota vigo 2006.
    Model : KUN25R-PRPSHE
    Engine: 2KD-FTV 2494 ml
    Frame No: PN133JV2509004228
    NP40282 HQ10
    Trans/Axle: A340F/BO2D
    Plant/Built: Z34

    kindly please send me a quotaion..
    Email address- delpty@hostseychelles.com
    Tel- 002482831825

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